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Friday, February 18, 2011

Pink and white nail art (for Beth)

This is the design I was going to do yesterday before I got that job interview.

Start by prepping your nails and paint your pinkie and middle finger white and your other 3 fingers (or 2 and thumb) a hot pink. I'm using How I met your Magenta from Wet 'n Wild.

Tape off your pinkie and middle fingers and paint a small angle in pink and tape off the tip at an angle in white. Leave your ring and pointer finger solid pink.

Add white dots on the solid pink.

Then add pink dots on the white on the thumb and then white dots on the pink on the pinkie and middle fingers.

Next I added rhinestones on the middle finger between the pink and white.

Now using your dotting tool create a flower in white on the thumb and add a rhinestone in the middle of the flower.

Add your top coat and your finished.

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