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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Need more help ladies

Ok ladies, I need your help again.  What are some good top coats and bases coats to use? Ive been using the Sech line but the problem I have with the top coat is that it gets gloppy and when it dries it pulls the color back from the tips. The problem with the base coat is that it still stains my nails. What do you use and would recommend and not recommend?

With my previous problem with my cuticles I wanted to give you an update. I trimmed my cuticles and ended up taking chunks out so no more for me, I have been using an oil treatment and pushing them back GENTLY. Hopefully after doing this and working with them more they will look great!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!!


  1. I really like CND stickey base coat and Orly bonder. For top coats I pick the top depending on the Polish and brand alot of brands don't play nice together. My go to top coat is China glaze fast forward top coat it has a strong smell but it work good. I have a top coat for most brands so I try to use the top coat that goes with the Polish

  2. Base Coats and Top Coats work with different people differently. It has to do with your own personal body chemistry and the chemistry of your polish. I personally like CND Stickey and OPI DS Top Coat. If you feel like your top coat is too thick you can always use polish thinner to thin it.

  3. Where can you find CND. I have never heard of that brand.

  4. CND Stickey is great and can be found online like at head2toebeauty.com and at certain salons. Also, China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat is good and their Fast Forward top coat is good too as long as you don't mind a strong smell. Seche Vite is always my favorite top coat and I just always buy a new bottle once it starts getting gloopy. Sometimes it goes on sale at Ulta and i always stock up then!