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Friday, March 18, 2011

gray and black stamping

I started this Mani by painting my nails gray then using my black Konad stamping polish and using my Konad plate M60 over the gray. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this turned out but it ended up staining my nails BAD BAD BAD even with a base coat!

anyone have any tips as to how you can not smear your stamp by putting on your topcoat?


  1. Nice design =) Btw what grey polish is that?? And to avoid smearing just wait for ages lol before applying topcoat and when you do get a big drop of it on the end of the brush and lightly cover your nails without dragging the brush too much =)

  2. Wait for a long time. Make sure you use Konad's special polishes for the stamp. And Konad's topcoat. Then wait 5 minutes. It won't smudge.

    So sorry for your loss, I only just saw the post above. I hope you and your family are OK.